Get the Party Started in Chandler!

We know the holidays can be hectic. You’ve got family flying in from every corner of the globe, there’s shopping to do, parties to plan, dogs to walk, you name it. When you need to stop the madness, you need to bring yourself, your friends, your family, your neighbors, or even your mailman to Sandbar Mexican Grill in downtown Chandler. When you visit us, you can escape the hustle and bustle that comes along with holidays year round. Kick back, grab a few drinks, and prepare your taste buds for the most mouth-wateringly delicious Mexican cuisine in Chandler. 

Enjoy Sweet South of the Border Vibes

When you walk into Sandbar Mexican Grill in Chandler with your friends and family, you’ll notice right away that this place knows how to party. We love to dazzle our guests with vibrant colors, a fun atmosphere, and a bunch of really, really big TVs. If there’s one thing that almost always goes along with the holidays, aside from avoiding that one weird uncle, it’s watching the big game! We’re all about creating an exciting, fun community full of delicious food, ice cold beverages, more sports than you can shake a churro at, and an overall good time. But wait, there’s more! When the sun goes down, the heat goes up. Sandbar will keep it sizzlin’ until 2am almost every night of the year! We won’t stop the party until we’re legally obligated to. Who made that rule anyway? They could use an ice cold margarita. 

Our Place or Yours?

Maybe you’ve been to Sandbar and thought “I wish I could take you home with me, Sandbar, and you could prepare for me delicious Mexican fare when I desire it most.” While we really like you (as a friend) and can’t move in with you, we can offer the highest quality, most delicious catering services in Chandler! If you’re throwing a holiday bash and you’d like to take advantage of our food services, then we invite you to contact our location manager right away, and we can get you set up with whatever you need. We’ll cater at your location, or if you ask really nicely, you can even book a private event right in our fine establishment! You can let us host a nice, chilled out dinner event or your next corporate party blowout. Our venue offers full-service cabanas, and outdoor areas equipped with misters for hot days and heaters for chilly desert nights. We want to make your party or event truly memorable. If you have any questions regarding using our venue for your next event, like services offered and options available, please don’t hesitate to contact us now! We can’t wait to get the party started with you and your friends and family!

Let Sandbar Be Your Holiday Escape

So what’s the hold up? When you’re stressed from the holidays and you need a night out in Chandler, come to the best spot for Mexican food, fun atmosphere, and exciting nightlife at Sandbar Mexican Grill. We’ve got a margarita with your name on it.