Burrito-Making Tips that are Social Distancing Compliant

While Sandbar Mexican Grill in Chandler has had to temporarily close its doors due to COVID-19 concerns, we still want to be able to provide quality Mexican dining in some way to our loyal customers! While you’re enjoying your involuntary solitude, it may be time to put your culinary skills to work by crafting up some killer burritos! Here are some burrito-making tips you can use to pass the time and dazzle your family!

Don’t Skimp on the Tortilla

For the proper burrito experience, you can’t be stingy with your tortilla. Flour tortillas are required for the best results, and they should be as big as you can find. Many of the tortillas sold in grocery stores that are “burrito” sized are a bald-faced lie — unless you’re into tiny, unsatisfying mini-burritos. If you can find tortillas that are at least 12” – 14” wide, that should be acceptable. 

Tu Carne Favorita

Burritos are fairly versatile when it comes to what protein to fill them with, but the big crowd pleasers tend to be carnitas (pork shoulder), steak, and chicken. The key with preparing your meat filling is to not go overboard with seasonings at this point — stick to salt and pepper. Too much razzle dazzle too soon will throw off your flavors. Do as little as you can to your proteins when you cook them, because there will be plenty of flavor coming from your other ingredients.

Not Just Any Rice

The rice you use should be a light, fluffy rice that doesn’t stick together too much. If you would like to put the effort into cooking your own rice, go ahead, but while it’s available, there are some easy-to-prepare options at the grocery store.

The Magical Fruit

The more you eat, the better! When it comes to beans, you can go with your favorite, or make several varieties, such as black beans, pinto beans, and even refried beans. The humble bean is actually a place in this process where you shouldn’t feel bad about making a shortcut and simply heating up canned provisions. A typical killer burrito has about 3oz of beans in it, so plan accordingly when heating up your beanie goodness.

Spice Things Up With Sauces

The four saucy mainstays of the classic, mouthwatering burrito are as follows: pico de gallo, guacamole, hot sauce, and sour cream. These simple elements can make or break a burrito. Luckily, they are easy to prepare:

Pico de Gallo

Dice fresh tomatoes, mince a red onion, chop some cilantro, and combine it all with a sprinkling of salt. Voila! Instant pico de gallo.


Guac is pretty simple to make, actually. Mash up some fresh avocados and season them with cilantro, lime, some of your minced onions, and plenty of salt. 

Hot Sauce

Hot sauce tends to fall into the realm of “dealer’s choice.” Go with what you like, but we recommend more flavorful hot sauces, rather than sauces with intense heat. 

Sour Cream

Store-bought sour cream will work for most folks, but if you’re fortunate enough to come across genuine crema, you’ll bring your burrito game to a whole new level.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Cheesy

Monterey Jack and Cheddar cheese usually work well with burritos. For a pro-level flex, melt your cheese onto your tortilla before filling, in addition to sprinkling it atop your ready-to-wrap burrito.

Proper Assembly & Wrapping Technique

Typically, you should assemble your burrito starting with hot fillings, then working your way to cold. As tempting as it is, don’t go overboard either — remember, you have to wrap this thing. When it comes to wrapping, practice makes perfect. Your fillings shouldn’t be in a big central pile, but rather a longer “wall” of fillings. Wrap over your ingredients, tuck in the short ends, then finish rolling. Burritos accomplished. We hope you enjoy it!