The Perfect Taco: A Guide

Tacos are a phenomenal choice. Why? Other than pizza, what other food items are delicious cold or hot, filling, and hand-held for increased mobility. Much like pizza, the common taco can be held with one hand and taken with you when you are on-the-go. Better still, tacos can be updated and changed to fit your individual dietary needs. For example, tacos can be made with non-gluten tortillas, protein substitutes, and even filled with other non-traditional toppings.
But, you didn’t come here to read about how wonderful tacos are. In fact, we are fairly certain you already know what a fantastic meal option they are. No, what you came here for is to learn how to make the perfect taco. Well amigos, let’s begin!

The Pyramid of Tacos

Of course, everyone’s definition of “the perfect taco” is different. We definitely don’t determine what makes your perfect taco. But, we do know some of the factors that can come together to create a fantastic meal option. For instance, the combination of heated tortillas, beans, meat, cheese, lettuce, and creme, can come together into a magical mixture of ingredients. At Sandbar Mexican Grill, we craft delectable tacos, with the finest and freshest ingredients. At our Mexican grill, you can task the juicy, mouthwatering flavors from South of the border.


In order to graduate from a plate to a taco plate, you must have the contents of your meat inside a tortilla. However, though the rules of being considered a taco meal are strict, what is inside the taco is up for interpretation. And, more importantly, the tortilla itself can be updated as well. For instance, you can choose between a soft or crunchy taco. Soft tacos are made from cooked tortillas, while crunchy tacos are deep-fried to provide some “crunch” to your taco. No matter how you like your taco, know and understand that the quality of your tortilla is everything when it comes to a good taco. If you are getting your Mexican cuisine from a place that doesn’t prioritize their ingredients, you may be sorely disappointed.


Meat isn’t always essential to the perfect taco, but it helps. Meat options for your tacos can range from meat from land or the sea. For example, at Sandbar Mexican Grill in Chandler, Arizona, we have our Ahi Tacos that are simply delicious. In these tacos, we sear the ahi rare and coat it with southwest spiced pico de gallo salsa. This provides the perfect amount of spice, and also a clean and refreshing taste of tomatoes and cilantro. And, if you are craving a bit of meat, we have chicken, beef, and carnitas tacos as well. And, if perhaps eating meat isn’t for you, our Veggie Tacos are absolutely delicious and substitute meat with thick, juicy portobello mushrooms. So, whether you’re a meat-eater or not, tacos can always offer you something to eat!


Tacos would not be complete without some sort of sauce. Most tacos, if they are made with just beans and meat, can taste too dry. That is why most tacos will have a complementary sauce to accompany the taco meal. For example, our Mexican grill offers our delicacy, Chicken Tacos. Inside each of these tacos, our freshly stripped chicken is lightly coated with our signature Baja Sauce. The combination of chicken meat and creamy/spicy sauce boost the flavors of both, creating an incredible sensation for your taste buds.


No taco is good without a collection of vegetables as toppings. Of course, the category of “vegetables” spans hundreds of different topping options. But, regardless of what you place on your taco; no matter if you would like juicy portobello mushrooms, cabbage slaw, or traditional-cut lettuce, every taco needs a bit of veggies to provide amplify its flavor. Depending on which vegetable option you choose, freshly-cut vegetables can also provide a crunch element to your taco as well.

Sandbar Mexican Grill

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