Corporate Event Venues at All Sandbar Locations

Corporate events can be a struggle to plan, especially because there are so many moving factors. For instance, you have to account for how many people will be attending, the type of cuisine to offer, the dietary needs of your workers, and whether the venue in question has affordable prices. Because of all of these factors, many companies struggle to find a worthwhile place to host their event. And, for most corporate events, managers will choose large chain restaurants that offer lackluster cuisine options, terrible service, and insufficient space for their customers. We plan to change all that.

Sandbar Mexican Grill of Evening Entertainment Group offers your business an incredible place to dine and watch your favorite sports game. Aside from a lively, colorful atmosphere, Sandbar Mexican Grill also offers premier service and hospitality. Walk in, sit down, and order your beverages and meals to receive them quickly and ready-to-eat.

Extensive Menus and an Exciting Atmosphere

At Sandbar Mexican Grill, we have ample amounts of space to fit your corporate event. Plus, we also have an extensive food menu to provide each and every member of your group something to eat or drink. Our attention to dietary needs is what separates us from other restaurants. For example, we offer many gluten-free and dairy-free options on our menus.

Choose a Worthwhile Business to Host Your Corporate Event

When it comes to a corporate event, we understand how important they are and how difficult it can be to find an excellent host location. With business events, you can discuss important business and establish a positive work culture within your company. At Sandbar Mexican Grill, we do our best to offer a comfortable, positive space to host your events. Our festive environment has both an exciting and relaxed feeling, which is sure to influence your workers. If you are looking for a calming location that offers great food, a welcoming atmosphere, and has enough space to accommodate your party, Sandbar is it!

Features We Offer:
• Large Spaces for Maximum Occupancy
• Excellent Food Options
• Dietary-Conscious Meals
• Drinks Specials
• Full-Bar and Specialty Drinks
• Multiple Television Flat-Screens
• Festive, Lively Environment

Contact Us For More Information

Contact Sandbar Mexican Grill to know more about our event venue and how we can help your business. Whether you are a small or medium company. We are sure to accommodate your group and event to conduct business meetings or relax together over a feast of delicious Mexican cuisine. Contact us today.